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Sep-tem-ber (sep tem' ber) n [ME & OFr Septembre < LSeptember < septem, seven (+ -ber<?):so named the ninth month when the Great Snook Fish descend upon Sebastian Florida.

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Look in any Dictionary and you will see the traditional definition of September. But once you spend some time around Sebastian Inlet during the Snook Migration, you'll want to begin an e-mail campaign to Webster's to change the listing.

September 1st marks the begining of the Fall Snook Fishing Season.

Snook Fishing at Sebastian Inlet can be successful in a variety of ways. Fishing with Live Bait such as, Pinfish, Croakers, Mullet and Large Live Shrimp can be the most productive. When Live Bait isn't available, try 1 1/2 oz. Jigs in Red & White and Chartreuse. Swimming Plugs like the Bomber and Rebel work well especially during Tide Changes.

Sebastian Inlet can get crowded during Snook Season so plan on patience and persistence to be successful. Nighttime fishing from 7 pm till Midnight is the most popular time but if you want to avoid crowds, Try fishing during the day on Tide Changes, an hour or so of throwing a Bomber may yield a couple of nice Snook.

If Sebastian Inlet is not your style, Explore the waters of the Indian River with Top Water Plugs like, Zara Spooks and Jumpin Minnows or Live Shrimp. The Sebastian River is also a place to escape and You'll also catch Redfish, Trout, Jacks and Tarpon.

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